Regina public school board moves to text messaging when information needs to be shared

Those who have a child in a Regina public school likely received a phone call on Wednesday.   That call was to tell parents and guardians that they can opt into a text messaging service if they so choose to get information on their child’s school whether it be weather-related, a bus cancellation or something that is happening at the school that needs their attention.

Terry Lazarou with the Public School Board says calls indicating those messages were sometimes not received quickly by people as it was going to voicemail, but with the text option now handy that message can hopefully get out somewhat quicker.

“They are the ones that need to know.  Instead of waiting the call to come through, they would get a text immediately and respond as they need to.” Lazarou said.

Lazarou says if you did not get a call and you want to be a part of the text messaging system, you should go to your child’s school and register.   You should also check your emergency contacts list as some still have their landline and not their cellphone.

While the exact numbers haven’t been tabulated, Lazarou estimates about two-thirds of those called have responded with a “yes” when it comes to text messages.

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