Saskatchewan’s teachers will stop working before and after the school bell effective Thursday

Saskatchewan’s teachers will start job action later this week.

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation announced Monday morning that teachers will show up for the school day no more than 15 minutes before it starts and leave no more than 15 minutes after it ends with no extra-curricular or voluntary services being provided. Students will continue to be supervised during lunch and recess.

The move comes after a sanctions vote taken last month in which 90 percent favoured some kind of job action as they continue to seek a new contract from the provincial government.

The two sides have been bargaining for almost a year on a new deal. Teachers have not had a contract since August 2019.

In a statement, President Patrick Maze says students are paying the price as teachers have made it clear that securing adequate classroom resources for students is worth fighting for.

The statement goes on to say that the STF recognizes this causes uncertainty, disappointment and frustration for students, parents and teachers and that it was hoped this situation could be avoided.

Class size and composition are the two main points of contention.

The announcement is being met with disappointment by the province’s education minister.

“Last week we met with the president of the union and I informed him that I had a new mandate to go back to the bargaining table to talk about compensation. I also informed him at that meeting that we had a proposal to talk about how we can move forward on the issue of class complexity and class composition.” Gordon Wyant said Monday afternoon at the Saskatchewan Legislature. “They’ve chosen to walk away from those conversations and not return to the bargaining table so we are disappointed

Wyant added for the sake of teachers, children and parents that it is hope this doesn’t turn into a full-scale walkout.

The Regina Public School Board and Regina Catholic Schools  have also let parents know what their plans are by issuing statements.

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