I legitimately had to buy toilet paper (Cody)

A lot of talk these days about toilet paper and how many stores across the country are experiencing shortages because people seem to think they need to start stockpiling the stuff thanks to the Coronavirus. It makes it kind of awkward for those who legitimately need to buy toilet paper for their home because they’re actually running out.

Over the weekend I noticed I only had a few more rolls left and thought I should probably buy more or I’d have to start taking rolls from work covertly! While that may be considered stealing, I’d be unsuccessful anyway because I’m not the most stealth-like person on my feet. I may as well just buy a package and be done with it. Plus, the work TP is like very thin sandpaper and not the most gentle. That’s probably a lot of info you didn’t need, right?

As I got to the store I was relieved to see there was still lots of TP on the shelf yet. I’m not dedicated to a specific brand because I usually buy whatever is on sale. Standing in line at the store I could almost feel the piercing stares at my basket and I started to think “do people think I’m actually stockpiling toilet paper now?” No! I was legitimately out of TP and I actually needed this package, but it goes to show how anxious some people are about toilet paper and hand sanitizer these days when I don’t believe it’s warranted.

Cities in England are also going through toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages prompting one arcade in the City of Devon to remove the toys in a claw machine and giving customers to win toilet paper and high quality hand santitizer! For 89 cents Canadian players get three chances to win TP. I’ve seen some of the toys in those cages and toilet paper is not a bad prize to win even if Coronavirus wasn’t an issue! Let’s just be calm about the toilet paper, buy it when we need it, and not look at others like they’re hoarding it for 10 years.

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