(Jamie) A Convenience Fee Doesn’t Sound Very Convenient

Friday after work I took our cat over to get his nails clipped, as I blogged about yesterday. After the cat and I made it home my wife met us at the door with the words, “Our power is out.” Great.

Seeing as we didn’t feel like just sitting around on a beautiful afternoon we decided to hop in the vehicle and take a road trip to Moose Jaw. We figured the power would be up and running by the time we got home.

We spent a couple of hours in Moose Jaw, which turned out to be just enough time to get a parking ticket! Seeing as I haven’t had a ticket in Regina for such a long time it seemed fitting that I’d have to travel 40 miles to pick one up.

If I paid before March 17 the ticket would only cost me $20. I really didn’t feel like running over to city hall to pay the darn thing, so we just came home and I decided I’d pay the ticket online Monday morning.

When I paid the ticket online I was charged an extra $2.50 for what was termed as a “convenience fee.” I  was a little surprised by that, but then I realized paying online was a lot more convenient than going to pay the ticket in person. Ok, they had me there.

I always make sure I have enough change to park at work everyday. Now I guess I’d better start taking a pocket full of loonies with me whenever I decide to head out of town.

Don’t worry Moose Jaw. I still think you’re a great city!

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