Rabbits. Rabbits everywhere!

Perhaps it’s because of the nice weather but I’ve noticed a ton of jackrabbits running around my neighbourhood. I’ve literally got gangs of rabbits racing up and down the streets and back lanes and, admittedly, they’re cute little things to watch.

However, over the weekend in my backyard I had the biggest, angriest looking rabbit I have ever seen. He had this look on his face like “come here, I dare you!” I’m not sure what he has been eating either because he left a substantial amount presents on my lawn if you know what I mean. Whatever this rabbit has been eating seems to be agreeing with his workout regiment because judging by the muscles I saw, this rabbit has been pumping iron at the all night bunny gym! The only thing this rabbit didn’t have was a leather jacket and a pack of cigarettes, and we’re all thankful for that.

I would hate to be the predator going after this rabbit because one kick and I’m sure it would be out cold with a concussion. In other words, it’s quite the looking rabbit. Don’t be surprised if you see this Chuck Norris rabbit competing in the 2020 summer games in Japan.

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