(Jamie) Not Many Cops To Worry About On This Stretch

This morning I’ll be leaving the station early to make my way back out to Assiniboia for the Spring Fever Lotto. I always enjoy the drive.

One thing I’ve noticed during my trips to Assiniboia over the years is the amount of cop cars I see on the highway…none. I can’t recall the last time I noticed a Mountie on the Trans Canada Highway between Regina and Moose Jaw. I definitely haven’t seen many on the #2 highway from Moose Jaw to Assiniboia.

That might explain why vehicles pass my like I’m standing still while I’m travelling the #2. People who travel that stretch of road on a frequent basis obviously aren’t worried about running into a radar trap. The speed limit is 100 kms/hr. My cousin, who spent his career with the RCMP, always told me that drivers can “steal 10” on the highway. Anything over, you’ll get nabbed. It’s an unwritten rule, and the cops would never come out and tell drivers that it’s okay to drive 10 clicks above the speed limit, but unofficially, you can.

When I get between Moose Jaw and Assiniboia I set my cruise control at about 107, so I’m just under the “steal 10” rule. Some days it’s like I’m standing still. Vehicles will pass me and within 5 minutes are long gone from my sight. Obviously they travel the route a lot and aren’t overly concerned about getting a speeding ticket.

If I was driving my own vehicle I might just try to keep up with the traffic, but I really don’t want to get a speeding ticket while driving a station vehicle. I did that once and my boss wasn’t overly impressed. Morning Willy!

So, if you plan on driving on the #2 highway from Moose Jaw to Assiniboia, feel free to drive as fast as you want. If you’re on that particular road this morning or early this evening and some idiot is holding up the traffic, don’t worry, it’s probably me!

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