To gas up or not? That’s the question (Cody)

As you know the oil markets have been very volatile the past few days which means gas prices have really taken hit, making fueling up at the pump much more affordable for you and me. It’s such a gamble right now as to when it’s a good time to actually gas up. Do you wait or do you take a chance and gas up now just in case it goes up?

I have been playing the waiting game thinking (and hoping) gas prices will go down even further. Few things in the world are more frustrating than gassing up one day and seeing the price fall further the next day. It’s like playing the stock market almost, do you buy now or wait?

Lady Luck seldom pays me a visit, but I sure like it when she does show up occasionally. I have a feeling two things might happen, however. Either I’ll run out of gas playing the waiting game OR I’ll wait too long and the darn prices will start to climb again! If you see me on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, you know I waited too long. Currently, gas prices in the Queen city range from 84.9 cents/litre up to 92.9 cents/litre. Saskatchewan is averaging 98.8 cents/litre, just behind Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Alberta.

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