Canadian scientists make COVID-19 breakthrough

Some Canadian scientists say they have successfully isolated and replicated COVID-19 in a lab, which means they’re well on their way to a vaccine.

The researchers say that by isolating the virus, they will be able to develop treatments, vaccines, and tests for COVID-19. Through the isolation they’ll also be able to conduct research to understand the biology of the virus.

Dr. Samira Mubareka, one of the researchers, says that while finding an immediate solution is important, there is also a need to find long-term solutions for the virus.

The team consisting of three teams from McMaster University, Sunnybrook Hospital, and the University of Toronto, used two samples of the virus taken from Canadian COVID-19 patients to replicate the virus in just weeks.

A Quebec-based biotech company says they have taken the necessary first step towards a vaccine by producing a virus-like particle of COVID-19, which is to undergo testing for safety and efficacy.

There are currently 159 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, including the first one confirmed in Saskatchewan.

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