Regina Police warning against COVID-19 scams

The Regina Police is reminding people to be aware of fraudulent activity related to COVID-19.

Around the province, there have been reports oof scammer posing as health care providers and other organizations who are using COVID-19 to try and obtain personal and financial information.

There have been no reports of these scams happening locally, but police are urging people to be cautious.

Be aware of any unsolicited calls, emails, and text messages that include medical advice, or requests for payments relating to healthcare. Do not click suspicious links or attachments and do not let them pressure you into making donations for research or medical products.

When donating to charity, be sure to verify that a charity is registered, and information is valid.

For more information on these scams and how you can protect yourself, visit this link on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website:

Crime down in YQR since COVID-19 measures, RPS ready for pandemic

Strict measures taken by the Government of Saskatchewan to limit the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in less crime in Regina.

Les Parker, media officer for RPS says that since COVID-19 measures came into place, they have seen a slight decrease in the amount of reported crime.

‘Whether that means that people are not reporting, or whether that means the crime is not occurring,” said Parker. “Either way, we are seeing a decrease.”

Parker added that no matter what the COVID-19 era means for crime in the city, RPS is prepared.

“We are ready, we have members gathering PPE kits, they’ll be carrying those,” said Parker. “If people are afraid to call emergency response, they don’t need to be. We are prepared to user the proper precautions, and we’re more than ready to respond.”

Parker said that police expect residents to follow the guidelines put in place by the government, adding that officers themselves are following the rules at the station.

He added that everyone needs to remain calm throughout this pandemic.

‘Stay calm and practice all the measures that are requested by the Sask Health Authority and be good neighbours to try and keep the passing of this contagion as low as possible,” said Parker.

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