Do you remember your first apartment or home?

I was thinking about my very first apartment the other day and how frightening it was to be living on one’s own. I was 18 years old when I moved to Saskatoon for the first time to go to broadcasting college and when I got there I had mixed emotions. There was fear because I wasn’t a big city kind of person and certainly didn’t know much about Saskatoon, plus I had to maintain an apartment on top of all that! I didn’t know much about maintaining my bedroom at home let alone my own apartment. I was also excited because I was on my own and there was a new sense of freedom I had never experienced before!

After about three months I really started to enjoy living on my own and my apartment was actually quite nice even though I had nothing hung up on the very plain, white walls. It was located in a basement of a house on Avenue D with a wonderful neighbour above who’d check on me occasionally to see how I was doing. She showed me how to work the washing machine, where to get the newspaper, and invite me up for cake and coffee occasionally. It was an excellent place with a great landlord. For a young 18 year old frightened farm kid, I really hit the jackpot with the place.

the cost of living in Saskatchewan in 2004/2005 was considerably cheaper and my rent per month was only $350 a month with all utilities included! Although I felt like a bit of a gopher living in the ground, it offered immense privacy despite a slight spider problem. Ohhhhh my, those spiders were an issue in that first place but I’m happy to report I survived and didn’t suffer a spider related heart attack.

I learned how to cook in that first apartment, albeit poorly. I survived on macaroni, hot dogs, noodles, and soup for those nine months. I also learned a small one bedroom basement suite isn’t exactly an attractive party spot either. I think all of us remember our first place on our own whether it be an apartment, a house, or a frat house, and it brings back a flood of happy memories and fun times. To this day I still drive by my old place in Saskatoon and just check up on the neighbourhood and make sure the house is still in good condition.

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