Jason Blaine talks about family, new music, and more on 620 CKRM (AUDIO)

Today (Thursday) we caught up with Canadian country singer Jason Blaine to talk about his latest song titled “Drink Too Much,” his new E.P., and how his family is doing during the COVID-19 crisis. He was planning to come to Regina in April to perform alongside Jojo Mason and Doc Walker at a Build Love fundraising cabaret, but the event was unfortunately cancelled due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19

Blaine has been on the music scene for 17 years and he remembers that very first single fondly.

“My first song actually came out in 2003,” noted Blaine. “It was a concept that I won put on by the CCMA and participating radio stations and when we had CMT at the time and it was a song called “That’s What I do.”

The song turned out be successful enough for him to earn a little money and really kick start his career. The song allowed him to move to Nashville to write and record more songs which included “Heartache Like Mine,” and “While We Were Waiting.”

“Eventually ‘Rock in my Boot,’ and all those songs from the ‘Make my Move’ album and here we are today, six records later,” recalled Blaine.

His latest song will be included on a new six song E.P. that he hopes to release this May, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

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