Federal government to limit domestic travel

The Federal government has formalized domestic travel rules that will take effect on Monday.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke Saturday morning from Rideau Cottage, about the travel restrictions within the country.
“As of Monday at Noon, people showing any signs what-so-ever of COVID-19, will be denied boarding on all domestic flights and inter-city trains.”
The prime minister says that operators of planes and trains will  have to enforce this and not let people with symptoms aboard, emphasizing once again, that anyone who is displaying symptoms needs to stay home.  He mentioned giving those companies further tools to do so, in the near future, but did not have further details at this time.  For bus travel, Trudeau said that he would be in communication regarding that at a provincial level.
Trudeau also spoke on the possibility of closing provincial borders, saying there is essential transport and travel that is ongoing as merchandise and food gets delivered across the country.
“We need to continue to ensure that, that’s happening.  Every step of the way we’re going to look at whether we need to take further measures to keep Canadian’s safe and to keep our economy rolling on essential goods.  We will make those decisions as they are needed to be made, but right now we’re not looking at closing provincial borders.”

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