Sask truckers finding life on the road a little easier than it was a couple of weeks ago

The situation for truckers in Saskatchewan who are hauling goods to and from to keep items on the shelves is much better than it was a couple of weeks ago.
Some truckers were complaining about not being able to get a hot meal because truck stops were closed and some were unable to stop to use a restroom or clean up because showers were unavailable.
Susan Ewart with the Saskatchewan Trucking Association says when the order was given to shut down, truckers did fall through the cracks, but now many have realized that and are trying to do what they can to help.
At the beginning of March when this started, businesses just shut down and stopped access which left a gaping hole in the infrastructure for our drivers.” Ewart said. “Since the word got out about the problems they are facing, some fast-food outlets relaxed restrictions allowing drivers to walk through a drive-thru which they couldn’t do before, hotels are offering rooms at a discounted rate, providing hot meals and a shower so that they can continue on with the amenities they had at their disposal before this started.”
Whether it be in urban or rural Saskatchewan, Ewart says the more ways that can be found to help truckers out right now is key because they are keeping what has become a very fragile economy going.

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