(Jamie) Wie Geht Es Dir?

This week, COVID-19 has affected me directly. No, don’t worry, I’m not sick. I’m just where I shouldn’t be this week. I’m spending my days here at the radio station instead of Nelson GM in Assiniboia on location for the Assiniboia Spring Fever Lotto.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to broadcast the lottery from here at the station, but it is the first time that I’ve had to do it from here because of a pandemic! The other times were weather related, so I’m embracing a new experience!

Rolling into the station at 3 A.M. before rolling back out at 6 P.M. makes for a rather long day, but don’t worry about me. This obviously isn’t a manually demanding job, but I do find myself a little peckish by the time lunch rolls around. My oatmeal breakfast just doesn’t cut it once I pass the 10 o’clock hour and with the current state of things I don’t have the usual options when it comes to lunch.

Yesterday I ordered a lunch from the German Club for the first time. It worked out perfectly. It’s close enough to the station that I didn’t miss anything in the less than 10 minutes the round trip took. I just ordered over the phone, let them know what time I’d arrive to pick it up and what I would be driving, and when I pulled up out front they brought it right to my vehicle. A lady came out wearing a mask and gloves and handed me the debit machine and my food. By the way, lunch was delicious!

As I mentioned in a blog a few days ago, businesses had better watch out. They are making things a little too easy for us and we might just be getting a little too spoiled.

We might expect this kind of service when this COVID-19 thing finally blows over.

P.S.- Wie geht es dir is German for “How are you?” Thank you for the lesson Tanja!

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