Evraz Place to play key role in COVID19 pandemic if needed

It is a plan that health officials in Regina hope never comes to fruition, but if the need arises, two facilities at Evraz Place will become field hospitals.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has designated both the Affinity Plex and the International Trade Centre as locations for patients should Regina’s two hospitals become over-run.

The information comes after projections were released by the Saskatchewan government this week that show between 3,000 and 8,300 deaths could occur due to the COVID19 in the province.

For a field hospital at Evraz Place, we are still confirming how to best use this site, and it’s really early to say what type of patients would go into that field hospital,”  SHA Regina incident commander Sheila Anderson said on Wednesday. “We are in the midst of trying to secure some equipment and supplies, which would include food, beds and other equipment and supplies that are needed.”

As it stands right now, one ward at the General has been designated for those who have or may have COVID19 with Anderson saying more wards and floors at both the General and Pasqua would be dedicated to patients if there was a surge and that intensive care beds would remain.

Anderson adds the Wascana Rehab Centre would also play a role as it would serve as a surgical and medical location for patients suffering from something other than COVID19.



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