(Jamie) A Couple Of Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It was so nice to have 3 days away from work last weekend, if for no other reason than to give my sore, dry hands a few days to heal.

I have no idea what kind of industrial soap we use around here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s called “Skin Peeler 3000.” If it isn’t called that, it should be. It’s terrible. It was so nice to spend 3 days in a row washing my hands with the moisturizing liquid soap that we use at home.

When I come into work every morning I take Victoria Avenue. There are 7 sets of lights I have to get through before turning on to Rose to pull up at work. Although the lights sure do look pretty when you look down the entire avenue, the person in charge of making sure the lights sync up has dropped the ball.

I never seem to hit a green light at that first intersection. It always seems to be red. The problem is, the lights at the next two intersections are green. By the time that first set of lights turn green the lights at the other two intersections turn red. It’s the same way all the way down the block. It seems to take forever just to get from Albert St. to Rose St. I’m lucky that I come in to work at when I do. I can’t imagine what a pain in the rear it would be during rush hour.

I’m obviously not a city planner, but maybe the person who is could take a drive down Victoria Avenue one day.

He might just realize what a pain in the a** that stretch of road is!

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