(Jamie) Talk About Your Personalized Service!

Saturday morning I had to head out to the Bulk Barn to grab a few things that we needed and had run out of.

When I pulled up to the front of the store just before it opened there were already two people waiting in line, which I didn’t think was bad, considering some of the other lineups I’ve noticed around the city. It was a cool morning out and I actually had to wait for about 10 minutes to get in, but I braved the wind and dug deep for a little patience. The reason for the wait? Bulk Barn was only allowing two people in the store at a time.

When I finally got in I understood why only two people were allowed in at a time.

There were two employees working that morning and each employee would take a customer and follow them around the store grabbing whatever that customer needed. Both employees had a mask and gloves on and the customers were not allowed to touch anything. Talk about your personalized shopping!

Aside from the short wait out front, that was probably the easiest shopping I’ve ever done.

As I’ve said before, stores had better be careful. Us customers could get used to service like this!

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