Cat controversy in Kannata Valley

There is some outrage in Kannata Valley, about 50 kilometers northwest of Regina, about feral cats that are roaming through the village.
Tammy Heck lives in Kannata Valley and has been going back and forth with the mayor on this issue for the last number of weeks but is growing frustrated at the lack of co-operation being shown.  She says there seems to be a desire from the mayor and council to trap the cats and kill them if they are not claimed in 72 hours.
She says that idea is a terrible one and has told council she and others have a spay and neuter program that would be beneficial, but council will not listen.
“I’m not sure what the issue is with the town” Heck said. “They say they just refuse to have any cats at large.”
Ken MacDonald is the mayor of Kannata Village.  He did not wish to go on tape, but he denies the allegations and says there are many more issues that are more important than this at this time.
A memo from the village dated April 21st does suggest that cats that the town is looking at “disposing” of cats caught in traps.
Heck says there is a council meeting on Tuesday in which she plans on trying to get a solid answer on this matter.
She adds several cat rescue groups including Regina Cat Rescue are aware of what is happening and are offering assistance while acknowledging the town’s stance on the matter is something which needs to be corrected.

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