(Jamie) That’s What Spring Is All About

Yesterday morning as I was walking Max I heard the sound of someone mowing their lawn. I thought to myself, “Hey, what a great idea.” I suddenly found something to do in the afternoon!

After Max and I got home I fixed myself some lunch and made my way out to the shed to pull out my lawn mower. First thing I did was check the gas tank. Empty. So I went to grab my gas container so I could replenish the tank. Empty. Drats!

After I got back from the gas station with a container full of gas that should last me through the summer, I primed the lawn mower and gave the cord a pull. Nothing. I pulled it again. Voila! Not bad. Two pulls after 6 1/2 months being tucked away in the shed and that mower sounded like it hadn’t missed a beat.

Things were starting to seem like normal again. The whirring of the mower on a sunny day with birds singing, squirrels playing in the tree, and my dog following me around the yard while I mowed the lawn. Now, that’s what spring is all about!

Although we raked the lawn last weekend, I was basically just trying to suck up whatever was left on the lawn and mulch it up. I ended up using more garbage bags for the mulch than we used for the rake job!

When I was finished I could actually see some green revealing itself.

All I need to do now pick up is a little fertilizer this morning and then let Mother Nature take care of the rest!

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