SaskTel waiving data overage charges for May due to COVID-19 pandemic

SaskTel is extending the waiver of the data overage charges for postpaid Wireless plans, noSTRINGS Prepaid wireless plans and fusion internet into the end of May.

The cancellation of overage charges began on March 17th. SaskTel will also continue to provide additional free content on residential and maxTV stream customers, with over 50 channels on free preview.

Spokesperson Greg Jacobs said they’ve seen a significant increase in data usage.

“On the wireless data network we’ve seen an increase of over a third, around 37%, and on our fusion internet network, it’s nearly doubled with an increase of 96%.”

He added they do not have statistics to say how much the crown corporation is losing from not charging overage charges, but he says they are worrying about that at a later time.

Jacobs said feedback from customers has been relatively positive.

“They’re very appreciative of this move,” Jacobs said. “They understand that we’re doing everything that we can to keep them connected during this time.”

Jacobs said if a customer has problems with their internet or cable, technicians will be available to help.

“There are guidelines in place to ensure that our technicians are staying safe as well as keep our customers health safe as well.”

Some of those safety precautions include asking if the customer is symptomatic. Technicians will also work from the outside of the home if need be, and will wear PPE if they need to enter the house.

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