Regina man spreading “pun-demic” with daily jokes

A Regina man has been bringing smiles to his neighbours during the COVID-29 pandemic.

Graeme Parson sets up his “pun-demic” board at the end of his driveway daily, which features a dad joke, or a pun, to try and cheer up people passing by.

Parsons says when he started the idea, he couldn’t have imagined that it would have such a positive response.

“It’s been unbelievably positive, the amount of smiles that it brings to people,” said Parsons. “I’ve seen repeat people constantly just making a point every day to get out of their house and go for a walk, avoid the stir-crazy of sitting inside, and make a point to come by and see the sign. The smiles I see make it completely worthwhile.”

He adds that the Instagram account he made for the board has taken off, drawing in followers from around the country.

Parsons says that, through starting the board, he is trying to spread a message of hope and positivity.

“There’s so much darkness and fear right now, and so much negativity, and so many people who are unsure,” said Parsons. “I think it sends a great positive message because I think, right now, that’s the hardest thing for people to remember is we’re all in this together, together we’re one human race, to try and band together to find something positive just to remember to slow down and smile and realize that things are going to be ok.”

Parsons says that he plans to continue putting the board at the end of his driveway long after the pandemic is done, adding that he will never run out of ideas.

“I provide puns and dad jokes, and there’s a plethora of those out there,” said Parsons. “The wonderful thing about the English language is that there’s lots to make fun of with it. I think that’s the beauty of the dad jokes and the puns, it doesn’t make fun of a particular person or anything like that, it makes fun of the language.”

“It provides laughs and groans, and that’s the great thing about it.”

The “pun-demic” board can be found at Parsons’ home in the Uplands, or on Instagram @Its_A_Pundemic

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