(Jamie) My Dog Might Have Just Saved My Life

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the backyard with Max to toss his toy around for him. As I stood on the deck looking over the yard I had the strange feeling that something was watching me. It turns out that I was right.

I turned around and noticed a squirrel sitting right at the edge of our roof on the eavestrough. He was keeping his eyes on me without moving a muscle and he had that look like he was going to spring from the roof and go straight for my jugular. I was trying to figure out if I might have somehow ticked off a squirrel over the course of the last few weeks and now he was back for revenge.

I quietly told Max, who was looking in the other direction, that there was a squirrel and I pointed to the roof. Over the years we have had a lot of squirrels in the yard and Max knows exactly what is up when I mention the word. He’s chased them up the tree, along the top of the fence and even follows along the ground when one runs along the power lines in the backyard, so when I mention the word squirrel, he gets pretty excited.

He turned around, saw the squirrel, and started going crazy. That sent the squirrel up the roof and over the top to the other side. Good job Max.

I’m not 100% sure that squirrel was out to get me, but if he was, Max just might have saved my life.

Good boy Max!

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