(Jamie) Fashion No-No’s For Guys

Yesterday morning I stopped into the drugstore on my way home from work and noticed a man wearing something that guys should never wear. EVER. Socks with sandals. I don’t know anyone who thinks this looks cool and I’m surprised any woman would let her man out of the house looking like that. The guy must have done something terribly wrong the night before and this was a way for his wife to get even. “Oh honey, you look hot. Have fun at the drugstore.” Snicker, snicker.

Now, I’m no fashionista, but even I know what looks stupid and what doesn’t.

I often see older gentlemen wearing something else that drives me crazy…short pants, dress socks, and dress shoes. Really? Is it a prerequisite that the pants have to be polyester? I think my dad started this fad decades ago. It looked stupid then and it still does. That was the main thing that kept me busy mowing the lawn when I was a teenager. I didn’t want anyone to see my dad dressed like that on our front lawn.

Guys should never wear white sunglasses, unless they’re movie stars or sports heroes. Dump them. They look dumb. Guys should never wear flowered, short-sleeved, button up shirts. Hey, this isn’t Hawaii and you’re not Tom Selleck. Another thing. If you’re going to wear tube socks, do not pull them up to your knees. That might have been the cool thing to do 30 years ago, but hey, it’s NOT 30 years ago!

This list could go on and on. Sometimes you don’t even know what looks stupid until you see it. Sometimes my wife and I will be out somewhere and I’ll tug on her shirt sleeve, point, and say, “Holy s***, get a load of that!” Then my wife will say, “Really? You go out looking like that sometimes.” Wow, talk about a dagger to the heart!

It’s not only the guys that commit the dreaded fashion faux pas, but we certainly do it more than the ladies.

So, c’mon guys, you’ve had 6 weeks at home to rummage through all of your clothes and clear out the junk. If you still have any of the clothes I’ve mentioned hanging in your closet, burn them! If you dress like any of the situations I’ve mentioned, stop it!

Let’s band together and march through the 21st century like we know what we’re doing, at least when it comes to getting dressed for the day!

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