PM announces increased funding for mental health services

The Government of Canada announced that it will spend over $240 million to make it easier for mental health services to take place online.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, said Sunday, that the money will go towards new platforms for mental health care and primary care, as well as expanding existing virtual care platforms.

“If we can use apps to order dinner and video chat to stay in touch with family, we can use new technology to keep each other healthy,” said Trudeau.

The Prime Minister added that there will be specific tools developed to help people in marginalized communities who require special care.

During the Prime Minister’s Sunday address, he also announced that the government will be giving over $175 million to a Vancouver based company named AbCellera, which says it has isolated hundreds of antibodies that could be used in a COVID-19 vaccine.

According to AbCellara, they could be ready to test their antibody therapy on humans as soon as July.

Trudeau added that more details would be shared later Sunday about a new supply council that will focus on making sure Canada has a constant supply of personal protective equipment, and otheressential items needed to fight COVID-19.

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