SaskPower warns Regina customers of recent scams

SaskPower customers in Regina are being told to be vigilant with recent scams going around.

In one case customers are instructed to attend a business that is described as a “SaskPower kiosk” where the customer is to then call a phone number to receive instructions on how to pay their account.

These businesses are not SaskPower kiosks, nor are payments accepted at them.

In other instances, customers are instructed to attend a business in Regina and purchase an amount in Bitcoin to send to this fraudulent individual.

SaskPower does not accept payment in Bitcoin.

Communications Consultant with the Crown Scott McGregor said if you fall victim to scammers contact local law enforcement.

“If you do fall victim the first call you should be making is to police, that said if you do receive a fraudulent phone call and you don’t fall into it from there you can go onto Google and do a search for the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre and report the potential scam to them,” said McGregor.

McGregor said if the caller cannot answer basic questions about your account like the accounts number, they may also be a scammer.

“If someone calls you claiming to be from SaskPower ask them questions about your account, if they can recite your account number, if they can’t recite something like that to you then it’s probably going to be a scam.”

These scams have only been detected in Regina, but SaskPower said like others in the past, the whole province is a potential target.

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