Shawna Sovie knows her wedding day will eventually come, after COVID-19

Submitted by Shawna Sovie

If Shawna Sovie had her way, she would be on her honeymoon with her husband right now, but COVID-19 had other plans.

Like many others this spring, Sovie’s wedding day had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, and while devastated that her day didn’t come as planned, she knows it will eventually happen.

Sovie said something that has eased her stress level is knowing that many of her vendors are still going to be a part of her big day.

“It was easy just to email them all and say we want to keep you on,” she said. “We let them keep our money they were offering it back, but we said we want to keep you anyway so keep our money and we’ll just re-book for next year,” Sovie added.

Re-planning hasn’t been that stressful and that when it comes time to tie the knot, those that would have been with her last month will be with her again.

“Re-grouping and redoing your plans is tough, but we still have each other, we aren’t sick and our families aren’t sick,” Sovie said. “They’re just waiting for us basically to pull the trigger, if everything comes through and is ok in a couple months and we told them we’re going to get married in two weeks, they’d be ready to go.”

Sovie knows she isn’t the only one being affected by this, and that a community has been set up to show support for one another in what obviously has been a tough and uncertain time.


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