(Jamie) Me And My New Cup

Monday saw the advent of the Virtual Country Cookouts here at 620 CKRM. We weren’t going to let a little thing like a pandemic stop us from helping our farm community kick off the seeding season!

It’s basically the same as our usual country cookouts, minus all the people hanging around together, which was the best part of a cookout! Oh well. A little give and take during these times!

The first stop was the Rodney Macknak farm in Cupar. Colin dropped off some goodies at the farm from Peg’s Kitchen all tucked away neatly in a SaskMilk cooler. Then he got something in return, a gift for Gloria and I that came with a nice card.

Rodney’s better half, Kim, works with pottery and made us up a couple beautiful heavy-duty coffee mugs. The timing couldn’t have been any better. Just the day before I had dropped and broken the cup I’d been using for more than 10 years. That cup and I had a little history together. After shedding a few tears I tossed what was left of that cup into the garbage and decided to move on with my life.

This morning the new cup and I are celebrating our first coffee together and we’re off to a wonderful start. I could grow to love it, although the heart still pines for my former flame. The old cup looked beautiful. It was terribly dirty inside with many years of caffeine stains lining the inside, while the outside had so many cracks it looked like it was beaten with a hammer a time or two. Whenever I grabbed a coffee in the morning I’d always stand back a little, just in case the darn thing might decide to shatter with the new morning’s heat.

What to name it is now the problem. Doug? Barry? Buddy? What in the world is a good name for a cup anyway?I guess a name can wait for now.

All that I know is the new cup is holding my favourite morning beverage and doing a pretty good job of it, I might add!


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