Good news for U of R students as new budget shows no tuition increase

The University of Regina has passed a balanced budget and it sees no tuition hikes to students.

In a release, Board of Governors chair Roger Brandvold says achieving a balanced budget, which is the 26th straight for the University, is one focused on providing stability and support for students as the world contends with the social and economic repercussions brought on by COVID-19.

The University adds it had higher revenue because of increased enrolment last year which was the 11th straight year that enrolment increased.

Interim President Thomas Chase says during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important to support students any way they could.

“We’re delighted to do that, especially in a time of great economic strain in the province, and in the country.”

Chase said it’s hard to tell if enrolment will increase for a 12th straight year.

“The world is in a pretty unpredictable state, especially in regard to international student enrolment,” Chase said. “We built the budget predicated on a zero percent enrolment increase, we think that is appropriate.

“We would certainly like to see a 12th consecutive year of enrolment growth, but we budgeted conservatively given the state of affairs in the world,” Chase concluded.

Tuition rates for grad students are among the lowest in the country and they are ranked second nationally among comprehensive universities when it comes to student financial support as a percentage of tuition.

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