(Jamie) When The Word “We” Really Means “Me”

Only a couple more days of work before I’m officially off for a week. Aside from the usual work around the yard and house, I really don’t have anything planned. The one thing I am looking forward to doing is planting our flower bed. Now I might have a bigger job lined up. Thanks honey.

Yesterday after supper my wife and I were enjoying the beautiful weather on the deck when she suddenly blurted out, “Maybe we should paint the living room and dining room next week.” Really? I don’t know how the word “we” slipped into the conversation, considering I’m the only one off next week! Unless she’s planning on taking a couple of days off work to help me, this sounds more like a “me” job instead of a “we” job.

These painting jobs always revolve around my vacation time. I’ve never once heard my wife say, “I think I’ll do some painting next week while I’m off!” The word “we” is always reserved for when I’m off work, not her.

I really don’t mind painting. It’s the prep work that needs to be done beforehand that I’m not a big fan of. Once that is out of the way, the rest goes rather quickly. I’m still not sure whether or not that will be a job I’ll tackle next week.

I told my wife, “we” will just have to think about that.

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