(Jamie) You’re Going To Do What?

My wife called me on her way home from work yesterday and told me she was going to be a little later than usual. She was going to stop off at the car wash and wash her vehicle. What? Wash her own vehicle? Is there something wrong with my hearing? Could this be true?

Well, I was flabbergasted. I almost dropped the phone and fell to my knees with open arms looking towards the heavens asking, “What’s next Lord?”

I’ve been the one who’s been washing her vehicle for the last 16 years. When did this lovely lady finally learn how to do that all by herself? Had she been secretly watching some shows on the National Geographic channel that gave step-by-step lessons on exactly how to do that?

Maybe she’s been following me over to the car wash whenever I’ve taken her vehicle to get washed and watched me from around a corner to see exactly how this complicated process works.

I’m still shaken this morning. I find myself questioning everything I ever thought I knew. What’s true? What isn’t true?

I hope she doesn’t learn how to fill her own gas tank next. That would be more than this heart could take!

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