Number 1’s at 1 – May 13

Colin Lovequist is on the road to Neudorf today which means Cody Glydon will have Number 1’s at 1 for you today. Coming up on the show:

A big number 1 for Merle Haggard and the Strangers on this day in 1972. It’s a song about a young man’s grandmother who lives to the age of 90 and how she was the rock of their family. “Grandma Harp” would be Haggard’s 12th number one hit and it would stay at the top for two weeks.

Bill Anderson was enjoying a 7 week non consecutive ride at #1 with his second career chart topper. “Still” would go on to peak at #8 on the pop charts.

We lost the great Bob Wills of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys on this day in 1979. He was a major musical influence on both Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

Randy Travis landed his 7th consecutive number 1 on this day in 1989 with “Is it Still Over?” This was his third release from his album Old 8×10.

Kenny Rogers got his first number 1 since 1978 on May 13th, 2000 with a song he did with Alison Krauss and Billy Dean. “Buy Me a Rose” would stay at number 1 for one week.

Charlie Major reached the top of the charts in Canada on this day in 1996 with “It’s Lonely I can’t Stand.”

Happy 53rd birthday to Darius Rucker and happy 26th birthday to Morgan Wallen.

Join us at 1:00 today for these hits and milestones and so much more!

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