U of R student reacts to online fall courses due to COVID-19

Some students at the University of Regina are disappointed in the decision to go with online courses for the fall semester instead of transitioning back to the classroom.

Tegan McIntosh is taking a double major in psychology and human justice, and says it puts students at a disadvantage, especially ones without access to their own technology.

She said she’s disheartened by this decision.

“I understand the circumstances of the situation, and the many precautions we’re needing to take during this time, but such decisions are going to prove to be difficult for many students in my opinion.”

She said in-person learning can be much more beneficial to students.

“Not only are there many barriers that come with online learning for students such as access to technology, WiFi, and a distraction-free work space, but students differ in their learning styles,” McIntosh said. “For many of us, in-person instruction gives us the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way.”

McIntosh said in-person learning offers a distraction-free environment for students to learn.

“There’s a reason why some faculties, courses (and) programs don’t offer online courses, and it’s because they include labs, practicums (or) internships,” McIntosh said. “It’s just important hands-on learning that takes place.”

The U of R suspended their in-person classes in mid-March after two students were tested or COVID-19. Both tests came back negative.

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