“Cagefighter”….a movie filmed in Regina makes online debut Saturday night

A movie featuring Saskatchewan talent and some big-names from the professional wrestling and mixed martial arts world makes its premiere tonight.

“Cagefighter” was filmed at several spots in the city including the 620 CKRM studios, and the Brandt Centre.   The movie is  about a legendary MMA fighter who steps into the octagon against a wrestling superstar in a show that producer Sara Shaak says has a ‘Rocky” like feel to it.

She says there are many great things about the movie, but one of them was the fact there was so much Saskatchewan talent involved as over 50 were involved in some part of the production.

“We had a great complement of some local fighters from Regina.” Shaak said. “They did a fantastic job for us.  We wanted to get the fighting community get involved and deliver some great acting and I think we managed to pull that off very well.  One of the stars of the show is Brenna Coates who is the daughter of Saskatoon-born actor Kim Coates. Some of the other stars include former WWE star Jay Reso, who was known as “Christian” in the ring, mixed martial-arts legend Chuck Liddell, former UFC Middleweight champ Luke Rockhold and current All Elite Wrestling champion Jon Moxley along with actress Gina Gershon.

Shaak says they are extremely proud of the product and they are excited for the one-night premiere.  There are plans for a premiere later this year when the show hits movie theatres in both Canada and the U-S with Shaak saying they would like to hold the Canadian event in Regina because it was such a great host for all involved.

If interested in seeing the movie, you can do so here.




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