(Jamie) Sometimes The Hand Is Quicker Than The Fly

The other night my wife and I were watching the news when she said, “There’s a fly in here.” I took a quick glance around, grunted, and went back to watching TV. I didn’t hear any more about it, so I figured she was probably seeing things.

Having a fly or two in the house isn’t an odd occurrence when you have two animals that are constantly coming and going through the back door. The cat seems to take the longest to let in. I’ll open the door for him and he’ll just stand there deciding whether or not he really wants to come in. By the time he finally makes up his mind, a turtle could have made it’s way through the open door. I’m surprised my wife saw only one fly.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and I spotted the fly sitting on the wall. That had to be the one! I could have grabbed something to smack it and be done with the problem, but I just don’t like killing anything. So, I slowly made my way to where the fly was and tried to catch it in my hand so I could release it outside. No luck. That thing was a little faster than I was, but I knew I’d get him sooner or later. It was just a matter of time.

After a couple more tries I finally managed to grab the darn thing. After being outsmarted by the fly on my previous tries, it felt pretty good to finally grab that winged tormentor. That’ll teach him to mess with superior intelligence!

I took him outside, opened my hand, and bid him a fond farewell.

Ahh, the joy of life’s little victories.

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