Ministry of health warns Saskatchewan residents of deadly hantavirus

The Saskatchewan ministry of Health is again reminding residents to take precautions against deadly hantavirus.

Dr. Denise Werker says the rare virus is spread through mouse droppings and exposure occurs when cleaning enclosed buildings like grain bins, sheds, barns and cottages.

“Make sure that all of the areas are disinfected, especially if you see mouse droppings,” Dr. Werker said. “Before you start any of that, you also want to make sure you wear your protective gear.”

Dr. Werker suggests using a wet mop with water and bleach instead of a vacuum or broom for spring cleaning of areas with mice droppings.
“Hantavirus  Pulmonary Syndrome is a deadly disease, approximately one in three persons will die from that disease if they get that.”
Since December 1994, there have been 35 cases of hantavirus in Saskatchewan, and 11 were fatal.

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