(Jamie) That’s A Little Too Confusing To Figure Out At 3 A.M.

Everyone who’s travelled Victoria Avenue in the last couple of months knows the “beautification” project is back on. The last week I was working before taking a week off, crews were basically working on Vic Avenue about a block on either side of the Sask. Hotel. Orange pylons were out, but it wasn’t confusing.

Yesterday morning while I was parked at the lights on Albert St. waiting to turn on to Vic I noticed the project had now extended all the way to the intersection at Albert Street. While I was waiting on the light to turn green I studied the construction asking myself, “What lane am I supposed to take?” I didn’t want to screw this up because there was a vehicle waiting behind me.

When the light turned green I made my way on to Victoria Avenue and suddenly realized I picked the wrong lane. Here I was going in the wrong direction in the wrong lane and, sure enough, the guy behind me was following my every move thinking I knew what I was doing.

Half a block down I was able to squeeze between a couple of pylons and get myself in the right lane. The guy behind me did the same, probably wondering to himself, “Why am I following this idiot? He has obviously no clue where he’s going!”

After all the practice we had last year with road construction you’d think a guy would kind of catch on to stuff like this.

Apparently I wasn’t paying attention last year!

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