Signs showing where impaired driving arrests take place to soon show up in Regina

The battle against impaired driving continues.

Soon, Reginans will see signs at various locations across the city that say this is where an impaired driver was arrested thanks to a 9-1-1 call to the “Report an Impaired Driver” program.

MADD Regina is a part of this initiative. Spokesperson Heather Tatham  says the campaign will show impaired driving can happen anywhere.

“Whether it be on your street or on a major road, impaired driving can happen at anytime during the day or during the night.” Tatham said. “If this can stop one person from driving while impaired, it is worth it.”

Tatham is well aware what effects impaired driving can have as she has had to deal with the loss of her husband, Gerry, who was killed in an impaired driving accident.

“Gerry went to wash my car on a Sunday morning.” Tatham said. “He was sitting at a red light when he was killed by someone who was impaired.  It happened at 7 AM on a Sunday morning on Albert Street.  He never had a chance to get to know his grandchildren and they never had an opportunity to know their grandfather.”

The “Report an Impaired Driver” program is one that has been in existence for a decade.  In that time, nearly 2,900 Criminal Code impaired driving charges and nearly 600 roadside suspensions issued.

Regina Police say 348 drivers were charged with impaired driving in 2019 with many of those being charged as a result of the RID program.


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