(Jamie) You Never Know What You’ll See On The Highway

The other night I was driving home from Assiniboia and I passed a minivan on the highway, which obviously isn’t that unusual. What was unusual was the fact that there was no driver’s side window. It looked like the window had been smashed out, because there was tape all around the window that looked like it must have held a piece of plastic at one time or another. The window was missing and so was the plastic.

When I’m driving on the highway on a warm day I enjoy rolling down the window a bit to feel the warm breeze. I certainly wouldn’t want to take an entire trip with no window at all. It would be like a non-stop hurricane inside the vehicle with papers and everything else flying around. The sound alone would drive me crazy.

Last night I was making my way home when I noticed there was some big white thing blocking the entire west bound lanes at the Pense turn off. As I got closer I realized my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Sure enough, there was a big white thing blocking the highway. It was a semi that had jack-knifed on the highway, with its trailer blocking all west bound traffic from going anywhere.

The semi was actually hauling two trailers! It didn’t look like that serious of an accident, but I hope that driver had an extra pair of underwear in his truck. I know I would have needed one, maybe two!

I always enjoy my drives to Assiniboia for the annual Spring Fever Lotto. You never know what you might run across on the highway!

If I notice anything weird on my drive today, check here Monday morning for all the details!

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