(Jamie) First Trip Of The Year To The Dog Park

Yesterday Max and I took a trip to somewhere that we hadn’t been for a long time. The dog park.

Whenever I get home from work and don’t take my shoes off right away Max has a funny feeling we’re going somewhere. He’ll stand there staring at me with his tail wagging and his mouth wide open waiting to hear the magic word…park. After he hears that he goes ballistic.

Yesterday he got his wish. After I calmed him down enough to get his leash on we made our way out to my vehicle. The first order of business once we get in is always to open both back windows. After that, for the whole drive, he will go back and forth between windows just to make sure he’s not missing anything.

When I got to the park I was pleasantly surprised. There were only 4 other cars in the parking lot. Max almost had the whole park to himself!

He doesn’t get the exercise in the backyard like he does at the park and it didn’t take long for him to peter out. He started off like a bullet from a gun and then slowed down to a basic trot before finishing the last 1/4 way around the park just walking around sniffing everything he could.

When we got home he grabbed himself a quick drink of water and plopped himself down in front of the couch.

A well deserved rest after the first of many park days this summer.

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