(Jamie) Do You Have Anyone In Your House That Does This?

Last week I went to the freezer to grab some chicken breasts to thaw out for supper the next night. In the rack on the freezer door I found a large empty freezer bag that obviously had something in it at one point, but for some strange reason was put back in…empty. Finding the culprit of this major crime is rather easy in a household of two people…my wife. She always says “we can reuse that.” I guess I can’t argue with her logic.

As wonderful as my wife is, she has the very strange habit of putting empty containers back in the fridge or the cupboard. On many occasions I’ll go into the fridge to find an empty milk container. When I ask her why she put it back in the fridge she’ll tell me it’s because there was still milk in it. She’s right! There is usually about one teaspoon of milk left. If you fed that to a mouse it would look up at you as if to ask “what kind of a tightwad are you?”

I must admit, I can understand my wife’s dilemma. After she spills the last remnants of the milk container into her coffee cup, she’s faced with two options. She can either walk two feet back to the fridge or take that long four foot walk to the garbage. Hey, who wants to walk an extra two feet if you don’t have to, right? Besides, she knows that I’ll throw out that empty container for her, just like I’ll throw out that empty freezer bag, or any other empty container I happen to come upon during my travels through our kitchen.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the closet to grab a couple of treats for Max. The bag was there, but guess what? It was empty. Why it was put back into the closet instead of the garbage, I have no idea. Poor dog. He had his high hopes for a treat or two, but he was blindsided by an empty bag. Sorry buddy. Blame my wife.

I could go on for a while on this topic, but unless I want to sleep on the couch tonight, I’d better put the brakes on this blog right now.

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