Local pharmacist says there is one big distinction between seasonal allergy symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms

This is the time of year where many are feeling the effects of seasonal allergies.

With COVID-19 still on the minds of many, some are wondering if what might be allergies could in fact be the virus that they have.

Natasha Kolman is a pharmacist at the Pharmasave location on University Park Drive in Regina.

She says there are one or two things that you will see with COVID-19 that you likely won’t see with seasonal allergies.

“One of the main ones is the presence of fever and chills.” Kolman said. “Seasonal allergies won’t give you that so it is a sign of infection.”

Kolman says pharmacists have been busy and will be busy answering questions that customers have. She says every patient is different and that anyone with a concern can reach out to their pharmacist to get the advice they need.

“We’re pretty up to date with all the latest information that has been released on the virus.” Kolman stated. “We can certainly point you in the right direction.”

Kolman adds that since COVID-19 became a part of our lives, staff at her store have been busy taking inquiries in person or on the phone and she is guessing it has been like that everywhere because of the questions everyone has.

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