Premier Moe all for Regina serving as CFL hub city if safe to do so

Whether or not we see a CFL season this season is still anyone’s guess. Many ideas have been thrown around including hub cities like what the NHL plans on doing with Regina being mentioned.

Premier Scott Moe says he is all in favour of it if it can happen.

“Yes, we would consider it.” Moe said. “I would suggest if the CFL is considering something along the lines of a hub city that Saskatchewan would be the place to have one.”

Moe hasn’t had any formal discussions with anyone on the matter yet, but if he were to have talks, he says public safety would have to be front and center.

“It would have to be safe for all involved.  Safe for all players and all team members involved.” Moe said. “It likely would not include fans.”

The Riders would have started their pre-season Saturday night in Calgary had it not been for the season being delayed.  As it stands now, the earliest we could see CFL football is September.


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