Plastic bags soon to be banned in Regina

The City of Regina has passed a resolution that will ban single-use plastic shopping bags, but it will not take effect until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Councillor Bob Hawkins says that the ban shows the city’s commitment to becoming a sustainable city.

“Plastic bags are not biodegradable, they don’t disappear, they stay around forever,” said Hawkins. “They clog up our waterways, and they litter our fences, our roads, and our yards.

Regina’s ban on plastic bags is part of a trend that has seen many jurisdictions across Canada, and the U.S., do the same thing. A plastic bag ban already exists in Prince Albert.

These bans precede the Canadian Government’s promise to ban all single-use plastics as early as 2021.

Hawkins says the growing trend is a positive one for communities and for the environment.

“This is a trend that is strong, and it’s strong because people realize that plastic bags are made out of a material that isn’t biologically safe, and which litters up the environment.

While Council approved the ban this week, the official bylaw won’t be passed until July. The ban would officially take place one year after the bylaw is passed.

Hawkins says that giving time for businesses and the city to adjust, will allow for a smooth transition.

“It’s taken a while to understand exactly how we can do this,” said Hawkins. “But we have a good example in the cities that have already introduced this. Those will be the examples that we’ll be following.”

Hawkins says that leading up to the ban taking place, the city will run an education program for residents and businesses.

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