NDP, FSIN challenge government to act now on issues leading to kids in care homes

NDP Leader Ryan Meili, joined by Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Vice-Chief David Pratt, are challenging the Saskatchewan Government regarding the rising number of kids in care, and that a growing majority of those kids are Indigenous.

According to Ministry of Social Services figures, the number of kids in care has climbed each of the past five years, and now stands higher than it’s been in 11 years. The latest figures show 86 per cent of those kids are Indigenous.

Meili called on Premier Scott Moe to introduce a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy and increased funding for mental health and addictions he says will address the root causes of the surge.

He adds we need to act now on poverty and address the root causes on who winds up in care. Meili states the work needs to be done directly in collaboration with First Nation’s Leaders, like Vice-Chief David Pratt and the rest of the FSIN.

Vice-Chief Pratt suggests if the government gives First Nations the tools and resources, they’ll finish the job.  Pratt says they’ll bring their families home, put them in healthy homes, address the housing crisis, deal with all the issues they are dealing with, but it needs to be lead by First Nations, or it’s not going to work.

Pratt criticized Premier Moe and the Sask. Government, saying they have failed to make the rising number of Indigenous kids in care a priority in recent years.


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