Regina’s Centennial Market ready to show off what it has to offer again

Saturday is a big day for the Centennial Market.

The market, located in the old Sears outlet building on Broad Street, re-opens at 10 a.m after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Market President Dave Bychkowsky says there is a lot of excitement amongst the vendors that call the market home.

“It’s been difficult for a lot of people, but this has given us an opportunity to get creative as we change the market and make some upgrades.” Bychkowsky said. “There will be quite a few changes from when we closed because of the guidelines that have been set out.  We have built some new stores and we have spread the vendors out because of social distancing, but it is all being done because of safety which is what we want for our customers and our businesses.”

Centennial Market President Dave Bychkowsky poses with a bottle of hand sanitizer outside the building’s entrance.

Bychkowsky hopes to see some familiar faces return on Saturday as well as some new ones.

“I don’t know if all the faces will be back, but I expect to see a lot of people who shopped here before to come back.” Bychkowsky stated.  “We haven’t lost many vendors which is nice. It has been wonderful and the owners of the building have been great in allowing those vendors to leave their materials here during the time we were closed.  There is a lot of excitement for sure,”


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