It’s been a positive and busy first 24 hours back in business for Regina’s Anytime Fitness’

A member works out while full time employee Teryn keeps things sanitized at Anytime Fitness in Regina.

It’s been a busy and positive first 24 hours back in business for Regina’s two Anytime Fitness locations.

Allowed to re-open as part of phase three of the provinces re-opening plan, Co-owner and operator Jake Sinclair says those coming in for a workout will notice some obvious new regulations in effect, like the floor being taped to respect physical distancing rules.

“We have roughly about 100 square feet per person, so you kind of have your own little workout area, and of course every other machine is taped off and any that are within six feet of the other are also closed for the time being.”

Showers and change rooms are also not open for the time being.

With lots of new guidelines to abide by, Sinclair said members and those coming in for walk in workouts have all followed the rules without question.

“They know that in order to keep our gym open they have to follow the rules, so our members have been absolutely wonderful we have been briefing them on the way in and have put out social media posts and a lot of people come in knowing the rules and right away say ‘yep, I am going to abide by them,’” Sinclair said.

For those unsure about returning at this time Sinclair wants to reassure everyone they are following all the rules in place 100 percent, adding they’re continuing to strive to be Regina’s cleanest gyms, an initiative they started back in January.

“Just take a step into one of the gyms and you can see that we have 20 disinfectants, four hand sanitizing stations as well, so our cleaning capacity went way up and everything is at your own risk, we’re also giving out free latex gloves and as well as masks, so if people want to wear a mask while they’re working out that’s at their discretion,” Sinclair said.

Before the pandemic hit Sinclair says they made a goal to become Regina’s cleanest fitness facilities, adding that initiative is now being practiced more than ever.

More details on phase three of the “Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan” can be read here.

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