(Jamie) Busted…By A Plane And A Horse

Yesterday morning, Cst. Greg Krawetz from the RPS Traffic Safety Division joined us via the phone to talk about the June SGI Safety Blitz. This month the coppers are clamping down on speeding and stunting. If you’ve got a lead foot, you’ve been warned.

I must admit when I come into work every morning I very seldom do the speed limit. I usually catch myself rolling along at 60 clicks. Throughout the rest of the day I’m pretty cognizant of where that needle is sitting on my speedometer, especially when I’m driving through a school or park zone.

I can’t recall getting many speeding tickets during my years of driving, but there are a couple that stand out.

One of those came in my younger years when I was driving on the highway. I was coming over a hill when I suddenly noticed an RCMP officer standing on the shoulder of the road waving me to pull over. I had no idea what was happening until he told me an airplane clocked me going a little too fast. Remember those days when there was a painting of a plane on the highway letting you know that someone overhead in an airplane could be clocking your speed? Well, that day there was. Busted!

The other speeding ticket that sticks out was when I was working in Calgary. One beautiful summer day I was driving past a park when I noticed a cop on horseback, again, waving me to the side of the road. That’s never a good thing. I don’t know where he came from, but he had that ticket pad out in seconds flat. Before I knew what hit me I was driving away with ticket in hand. I’ll always remember that one! I felt like I was in an episode of McCloud.

Here’s hoping you aren’t driving along one day this month when a cop appears out of nowhere, waving you over to the side of the road. You know how that’ll end.


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