Survey shows people remain cautious about reopening of economy

There is a significant amount of doubt about re-opening the economy in particular in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec.

A survey conducted at the beginning of May by Hill and Knowlton Strategies indicates 47 per cent of Saskatchewan residents believe the province is opening too quickly and another 47 per cent say it’s just right.

Author of the report, Elliott Gauthier, says it likely correlates generally to the aggressiveness of the re-opening plans.

In Ontario 59 per cent believe it’s just right and that rises to 72 per cent in B.C.

Across Canada, three in 10 Canadians believe their province is re-opening either a little or much too quickly.

There are also differences by gender and age.

Gauthier says younger people are more likely to believe their province is opening too quickly, which seems counterintuitive when you consider the widely reported non-compliance of social distancing at the beginning of the pandemic.

Looking deeper into the numbers, the survey found it’s likely a result of a lack of trust in governments and financial institutions.

Generally, the older you are, the more trust you have in these institutions.

Women are also more apt to believe their province is moving too quickly at 40 per cent compared to 24 per cent for men.


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