Lifesaving Society Sask. hoping government allows enough time for pools to reopen safely

As the province decides to open up beaches and outdoor swimming pools, The Lifesaving Society has listed some guidelines they hope to see followed through reopening.

CEO of Lifesaving Society Saskatchewan Branch, Shelby Rushton, says that the province needs to allow enough time for lifeguards and pool staff to be trained properly.

“They’re going to have to learn how to do all their rescues with COVID-19 procedures, such as wearing extra PPE, learn how to use bags on masks, or pocket masks with a filter,” said Rushton. “Also, just the extra cleaning and the physical distancing. It’s going to look a lot different at the pools this year.”

Rushton says that despite all the health guidelines, she expects people to flock to pools this summer.

“A lot of people I have talked to, including some of my family and friends, are really excited to have pools back open, including myself, I miss swimming,” said Rushton. “Lots of people are going to be there. Other people, they’re not, and that’s okay too.”

With beaches being open now, Rushton shared some tips to make sure you stay as safe as possible while enjoying the sun.

“If you are at the beach, there aren’t lifeguards at the beach, so it’s extra important for parents to be watching,” said Rushton. “Just know the hazards and where the drop offs are, and if you’re not a good swimmer, stay in the shallow water.”

The Lifesaving Society’s guidelines for the reopening of pools can be found on their website.

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