Meili makes apology after delivering obscene gesture

Saying he vows to do better in the future, provincial NDP leader Ryan Meili issued an apology before Thursday’s proceedings started in the Saskatchewan Legislature.

The apology comes after SaskParty MLA Nancy Heppner said on social media that Meili had given the finger to government members as he exited the legislative chamber on Wednesday.

Meili stood up on Thursday before Question Period saying he apologizes to Speaker Mark Docherty,  the members opposite, members on this side and most importantly to the people of Saskatchewan who expect and deserve better.

When asked what prompted him to deliver the gesture, Meili would not say as it was not worth getting into, but he did say the gesture was not aimed at any of the SaskParty MLA’s.

Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison says he saw the gesture and was surprised to see it, but he now considers the matter to be closed.

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